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13 August 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Just a quick reminder that small update posts have been going up on the forums here every once in a while. Mostly Sluggy breaking things then fixing them again. :D
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26 April 2011 @ 01:43 am
As some of you probably already know, I hammered out an area last week. Whilst there are still a few pending changes before I can roll it out, I'll give you all a quick rundown;

A remote asteroid was tasked with the manufacture of automated/sub-sentient robots in the form of spiders. These highly-versatile and maneuverable mecha-arachnids are normally used for repairs and operations in hazardous environments. Emphasis on normally.

Unfortunately, something has gone wrong. Very wrong. A particularly large design (dubbed the Queen Mechaspider) has partially fused with the production line after engineers attempted to shut the facility down. The factory is still running, and producing a frankly disturbing number of now omnicidally-inclined robotic spiders every week. Worst of all, the designs have been modified with crude weaponry! Whilst the spiders cannot travel off the asteroid yet, it is only a matter of time.

The factory must be shut down. Even if only temporarily, the time will help cleanup forces keep the spider population under control until the facility can be destroyed properly.

A daring team of level 15s+ will be a necessity for this area, which consists of;
• Three cave levels, with safe hiding places between floors and before/after the miniboss/boss
• One L25 miniboss, a car-sized mechaspider backed up by tiny repair spiders
• One L30 end boss, the 'queen', self-repairing, armed with a powerful laser and backed up by more repair units
• A horde of aggressive, militarized mechaspiders that attack on sight
• A smaller horde of non-aggressive mechaspiders that do not attack on sight

The miniboss and boss are a slight departure from the norm. Unlike most mobs all their defensive skills are intentionally set to 0, to reflect the fact they are large and slow (or just plain immobile in the queen's case) but their level is higher than you might expect. This means that, whilst they are easy to hit, they are very tough in terms of HP and hit fairly hard. Decent XP rewards though, I think.

I have not tested the queen, nor the titan when backed up by his repair units, but I strongly recommend caution and a lot of first aid kits for the boss fights. You have a little breathing room beforehand if you need to recuperate, but make sure you're ready. These spiders aren't going to take any prisoners, and the bosses will be backed up by (very weak) mobs whose sole purpose is to fix the boss up if you don't kill them quickly. Prythian and Coppelia were able to take down the Titan together, albeit the latter got blasted due to sluggish FAK use. Yeah, he hits hard. Don't underestimate these guys!

There's still a few kinks that need to be ironed out and features that need to be added, but I hope to have that sorted out in a little while. There'll be another post up when it's ready to roll.
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16 April 2011 @ 04:02 am
Whilst I remember!

Very little is known about the Seraphim's history as a race - they were highly secluded on their home planet of Seraphea and used powerful psionic barriers to prevent unwanted access to the planet. Eventually however, the Humans arrived. With their similarity to the Seraphim, it is said that the Humans shook the Seraphim out of their isolationist policies and spurred them into taking a more active role in galactic politics. They are a small faction in terms of actual area controlled, but their political influence is one of the highest, despite several protests and accusations of mental influence with psionic powers.

The Seraphim take a major hand in running humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, and though their soldiers have had little field experience compared to the other races, they train ceaselessly and have access to extremely advanced technology and psionic powers that most others can barely begin to comprehend, making them formidable opponents.

Seraphea has a slightly lower gravity than Earth and thus the Seraphim are slightly taller, thinner and lighter than Humans, also resulting in them being more fragile. They are however faster, more agile and smarter than humans. Seraphim abandoned the surface of Seraphea circa 1050AD in terms of Human history, moving into their massive floating cities. The planet's surface is now a massive wildlife paradise/reserve, and setting foot on it is prohibited by the High Council.

There are approximately half a dozen major "skycities", two dozen smaller towns, and several even smaller villages. The largest of all, a metropolis simply known as Seraphea, serves as the capital and is the only city open to visitors and traders. Even then, visitors and traders are only allowed into the smallest trade district, though several enterprising Seraphim have set up stores there, selling high-quality, high-tech goods to wealthy visitors.

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15 April 2011 @ 09:52 am
Ok so I was running really late with other things last night so this post is a bit delayed, and sadly will not be coupled with an update to the game... but that's life.

The Stellarmass forums are now open and I encourage everyone who plays the game to sign up and view them. From now on I will only be posting major update news and occasional notices of downtime and whatnot on LJ. Day-by-day stuff like bug reports, minor fixes and updates, and upcoming events and plans will now be on the forums. As well, I'll be checking for suggestions and bug reports on the forums so you can post all that stuff there.

Right now, the forums are kinda rough with the default style and no links between them and the main site. In time that will change but not overnight. You can view the forums at our super-secret-mega-hidden address here:

Bet you never would have guessed that, right?


07 April 2011 @ 04:25 am
...bad for me I know but anyway;

LJ's been a bit sporadic lately and we lack somewhere a little more... forum-y. It'd help a lot for leaving memos/notes/todos/communications outside the game, discussing stuff about it, etc.

Thoughts from players/other gods/etc.?
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02 April 2011 @ 10:09 pm
K guys, the server's back up! Turns out the host changed the IP address without alerting sluggy, so that screwed things up, but it's fixed now!

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02 April 2011 @ 01:04 pm
...no, sorry, the server isn't back up yet.

But I have made some decent headway in layout for the Heather's Infinity (discussed waaaaay back when, some time in mid '08. '08! good lord.) and there will be several areas that aren't immediately accessible without some casual poking around and using certain enterables - crawlspaces ho! Just because a room tells you that the place it normally leads isn't accessible doesn't mean you can't find another way there.

Also some rooms will have partially hidden normal direction exits. For example, you can get to the freezer room from the kitchen, but the exit to it is not apparent just from entering the very busy and noisy kitchen. The tutorial/training course covers hidden exits as I recall, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

It's possible there will be a sticker hidden in one of these areas. It will be well-hidden though.

The area itself is a no-fighty casual zone, so entertainment there will mostly be socializing and the odd puzzle, plus any events that people run. You'll be able to order good-quality food and drink in the dining area/kitchen too, and there will be a medical bay.
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01 April 2011 @ 01:15 pm
The server seems to be down :\ I will get ahold of sluggy as soon as I can (he handles the server) and we'll hopefully fix this.

And nah this isn't an April Fools joke. It's funny though the server goes down today.

But eeeyup until we get the server back up, sorry guys :<
28 March 2011 @ 10:35 am
Hey guys! New areas have been installed!

First up is the Narumi Detective Agency! You can find it in the bottom level of Warp point. It's north one room before you hit the club. That is where a lot of RP quests are going to start from, so keep that area in mind! Plus there's lots of free stuff in there.

Secondly, Seco is now completed with three new areas! The Outlaw Hideout (that hatch in the mountain) is now explorable, and south of the Badlands you got the Dry Plains and The Mines!

Watch out for the mines though, it's an aggro area. And there are Creepers. And yes, they DO explode if you try to run away from them. But if you kill enough creepers, you may just get all four of the rare drops they drop. What are they? Oh you'll just have to find out ;D.  But yes take a medic and a flashlight with you! It's going to be tough.
Also this is just for gods only, but the 'gods' command will teleport any god to the god area. It's so that gods will have a place to go and work without having mortals bothering them!

But yeah continue to submit bug reports and try to break the game, it really helps! Enjoy exploring!

Next world  coming up, Minnak! Homeworld of the Mineks :>
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02 March 2011 @ 10:27 am
My goodness, an update!

Got some cool things for all you kiddos! First off the Stellarmass site has been re-designed, so now it's swanky as hell! I still have to draw art to replace old images with, but that's the last thing to do with that.

Also, don't have a mud client and still want to play Stellarmass? NO PROBLEM, JUST GO HERE. We installed FMud, a flash based client that you can play right in your browser. Cool eh?

I'm also still working on the new playable race, the Atagi, a race of insect people that like to dance all day. I figured we needed an insectiod race, so here we go! I have to write up their race file and get everything together for sluggy, as well as make a manual and ref sheet for them soon. I don't know when they will be playable, but I'll let you know when they are! They aren't the brightest race, so they'll mostly play things like Soldiers and Explorers. Not so much medics and scientists XD

Spring break starts Friday for me, and i'm going to BUST MY ASS and get Seco completely finished and open for players to test/explore. Here's crossing my fingers! 

That's all for now, remember if you find a bug in the game please use the 'Bug' command, because then it gets put in a list and sluggy will be able to see it all in one place.

Until next time space cadets!
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