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15 April 2011 @ 09:52 am
Stellarmas Forums!  
Ok so I was running really late with other things last night so this post is a bit delayed, and sadly will not be coupled with an update to the game... but that's life.

The Stellarmass forums are now open and I encourage everyone who plays the game to sign up and view them. From now on I will only be posting major update news and occasional notices of downtime and whatnot on LJ. Day-by-day stuff like bug reports, minor fixes and updates, and upcoming events and plans will now be on the forums. As well, I'll be checking for suggestions and bug reports on the forums so you can post all that stuff there.

Right now, the forums are kinda rough with the default style and no links between them and the main site. In time that will change but not overnight. You can view the forums at our super-secret-mega-hidden address here:

Bet you never would have guessed that, right?